Hello and welcome! I am Michael L. Hogue, the administrator of The Hogue Connection. After an exciting year of roots digging, I decided it was time to share some of the important information I have gathered after almost thirty years of genealogical study of the Hogue family. Much of the data uncovered in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s was inaccurate and needs to be corrected. I will use this venue, in the now-familiar form of a blog, to do my best in setting the record straight. Most of the content here is well sourced and will be excerpted from my recent project, Red River Trails, which I have published in its entirety on this site. I look forward to collaborating with all my Hogue cousins out there! After 35 years in Reno, NV, my wife Jane and I retired to Hillsboro, OR, nearer to our three children, in 2014. When we’re not traveling around the country, I’ll be posting the good stuff right here! Thanks for visiting my blog.

The picture on the left at the top of the home page is a copy of a copy of an original tintype of William M. Hogue taken circa 1878. I copied it using a 35mm SLR camera and a tripod in 1989 or so. The photo was in the possession of the late Bessie Mae Hogue Haywood of San Jose, California. The picture on the right of Charles Sherman Hogue was taken by a traveling photographer in Rubottom, Indian Territory, around 1906. I used the same copying technique as the other photo. I am still in possession of the original, hanging on our wall in a rounded glass frame. It was hand colored by the photographer. Thanks to the late Willis M. Hogue for sending it to me in the early 90’s.