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Hey, all. Welcome back to The Hogue Connection! I thought I would do a quick post today to show you a crazy (and kind of scary) cool new photo app that will help you enhance and automate some of your old pictures. Go to to access it. According to the their website, the folks there developed the technology with D-ID, “a company specializing in video reenactment using deep learning.” Known as Deep Nostalgia, the app can really bring photos to life. Depending on the pic you choose, it can seem like a video was taken at the time of the photograph. Below, I’ve chosen three examples and posted them here. I’ll explain more about it at the end, after you’ve had a chance to investigate!

William M. Hogue 1823-1886
Charles S. Hogue 1865-1917
William C. Larner 1870-1955

I know it might creep you out a little bit, but I think it’s cool. You may have seen this technology out there before, on Twitter or YouTube. My Heritage asks you to create an account, but enhancing the photos is free, for the first five, at least. To create more, you’ll need to agree to participate in their free two week trial. I use Ancestry for most of my research, so I won’t stick around after the 14 days, but they are offering a great deal right now, about $150 for a year membership, which is half price.

Anyway, thanks for visiting The Hogue Connection! I’ll be back soon with some Hogue stuff I dug up recently. You can return to the Home Page here.

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