Hogue Connection Update…


Today I added the rest of the story to RED RIVER TRAILS. I continue to work on sourcing information for the story, and included a few pages of that to the end as well. I’ve been growing our tree by digging up a bunch of relatives with Ancestry, and trying to track down and chart all of the descendants of Charley and Nora that I can.

I’m becoming a pretty good detective. So far, by using public information like birth records and obituaries, I’ve been able to add quite a few new cousins to the tree. Most of these folks are still alive, luckily, so they get listed as “Living” and no personal info gets put out there for everybody to see. If you happen to be one of these “Living” people and read this blog, drop me a note, leave a comment here, or register your email address so we can connect! (Thus the name of this blog!)

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and get out there and enjoy life!

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