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This week marks the 57th anniversary of the birth of my youngest brother, Scott William Hogue. He was born April 8th, 1962, in San Jose, California. My parents and my middle brother Barry and I had just moved into our new house on Moraine Drive in Santa Clara. We would all attend Bracher Elementary School in that neighborhood until moving across town in 1969. Scott was interested in sports right away and seemed to always have one of Dad’s old baseball mitts with him. He was playing in the Majors with 12 year-olds when he was only nine.

We moved to Danville, CA in 1972. Scott (and Barry) later attended San Ramon High, where he switched his focus to basketball, playing all four years at the varsity level. He received his diploma in 1980 and made efforts to walk on to the team at Chico State, to no avail. Studying really wasn’t his thing, and mom and dad really wanted him “off the payroll”. Scott then moved up to Reno, NV to live with us in 1983. A few years later, he headed back to California, settling down south in Orange County. He filled the role as a stay-at-home dad for many years, proudly raising his two daughters from his first marriage. Scott eventually entered the construction industry as a lab tech/manager involved in materials testing.

Scott lived in the community of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA for many years and developed many friendships there. He was commissioner of a local fantasy football league and continued to rabidly follow sporting events at all levels. Unfortunately, he battled addiction problems most of his life. Scott passed away his home in RSM on 29 May 2013, age 51, succumbing to the effects of alcoholism. He is survived by his daughters, Amanda and Kennedy, and his wife, Charity. I miss him a great deal and wish he was still around to share these family stories. He would have loved them all!

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  1. Paul Crossen

    Thank you Michael for posting this memory. I am a former classmate of Scott’s from Charlotte Wood Intermediate and San Ramon Valley. He was a bright light in our class and he was greatly admired. I heard of Scott’s passing through the grapevine, but never had it confirmed until now. I am deeply saddened for the Hogue family at the loss of this spirit. May his soul be at peace always. Scott will always be in my prayers.

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi Paul –
      Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comments about my brother.
      We miss him and think of him often as well



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