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This week marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of my mother-in-law, Jeanne Woodside Timmerman. Jeanne was born Gertrude Citerley 18 Dec 1923 in Portage, Wisconsin, to Hugh and Kathryn Woodside. She never liked the name Gertrude (her family always called her Sis), and went by Jeanne once she got into high school. Her father did well during the Depression working in management with the H.J. Heinz Company. This enabled JeanneĀ  to attend a private high school, and eventually enroll at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It was there she met her future husband (at a Tri-Delta sorority function), Don Timmerman. They married in 1941, and settled in Madison to raise their family. For a cool pic of Jeanne on the curling team, click here. After 20 plus years together in Wisconsin, Tim and Jeanne and their five children moved to Newark, California in 1963.

Jeanne loved visiting San Francisco with the kids, making sure they looked Sunday school sharp before driving across the bay. She was diligent in plotting out her grocery shopping trips every week; circling the hot deals in the store newspaper ads and motoring from store to store to save as much money as she could. She loved any family get together, particularly Thanksgiving, and, especially, the party held in her and Tim’s honor for their 50th anniversary. She always enjoyed traveling and meeting new folks, even after rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis slowed her down later in life. Jeanne passed away in Bakersfield, CA on 24 Jun 2002, just before what would have been her 60th wedding anniversary. Mom is greatly missed and in our thoughts often.

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