Native American Hogues?

Many genealogists and other family researchers are interested in tracing their lineages back to their Native American ancestors. In fact, many folks are disappointed to find that their DNA data shows no native ancestry. The article I wrote about Hannah Hale for a previous post describes how that came about in our family, on my mom’s side. In RED RIVER TRAILS, I also talk about some past speculation that there may be Native Americans on the Hogue side, too. I haven’t found any concrete evidence confirming that to date. A recent cousin connection I made via this blog has created an exciting possibility.

A.C. Parsons, a third cousin of ours, sent me an email with his idea about our Hogue Native American connection. He has information that leads back from Temperance West, my Fourth Great-Grandmother. Mary Jane Bates, my great great-grandmother and second wife of William M. Hogue, was born in Murray County, GA in 1838 to Andrew Jackson Bates and Sarah G. W. Jackson. Andrew was the son of Julius Bates and Temperance. The West line is pretty well documented out there on the good ‘ol interweb. I haven’t spent much time verifying our lineage the West family, as of yet, but plan to.


If you follow Temperance’s line back seven generations to Colonel John West, you’ll find him to be very well connected to the history and politics of pre-revolution Virginia. John West married “Queen Anne” Cockacoeske, who, according to records, was the grand-niece of Pocahontas. So, not only is the Native American connection possible, it goes back to some pretty famous natives in American history. Queen Anne’s Find-A-Grave memorial lays out the basics of her life history. You can read it here. Pocahontas was a famous Native American woman and daughter of Chief Powhatan, leader of the Powhatan tribal nation.

We’re all about connections on this blog. Thanks to A.C. for bringing this one to our attention! It will take a little bit of further research to verify our lineage back to Queen Anne. I think it’s the best clue I’ve seen to link the Hogue line to Native American ancestry. I hope there are others out there who have done their due diligence on this line and are willing to share. Good luck and happy hunting! Thanks for checking out this blog post. Return to the Home Page here. Please subscribe!

8 thoughts on “Native American Hogues?

  1. Brenda Hogue-trotter

    I’m a Hogue my grandparents were
    Chickasaw. My dad is James Gabriel Hogue. His dad was Henry Archibald Hogue.

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Welcome Brenda, and thanks for your comment! We are third cousins, once removed. I am quite familiar with your family. As far as I can tell, Henry was the first Hogue to become a member of any tribe in Indian Territory. Do you have any family stories about Henry’s father, Henry and how he came to know Kitty Allen? Thanks for connecting with me!

  2. Rebecca

    I’m a Hogue on my mother’s side. Mattie Hogue White, born perhaps Jamestown, TN. Died in the Durant, OK area. Any knowledge of this family? I appreciate your site by the way. Very nice!

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi Rebecca-

      Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments. I know a little about your family, but have some questions. I’ll send you a direct email about it.


  3. James Hogue

    Hello I am originally from southern Illinois. My father was David L Hogue, my grandfather Luther Hogue and my great grandfather was George Washington Hogue I remember seeing a William M Hogue mentioned. Any ideas. I am presently a Deputy Marshal with the QUAPAW Nation Marshals Service on the QUAPAW reservation in Oklahoma.

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi James-Thanks for checking out my blog. My info shows two Luther Hogues. One does descend from William M Hogue, my great great grandfather, through his son Andrew. This Luther Hogue (1899-1981) was known as Bob for some reason. He lived in Pushmatahah County. The other Luther Hogue (1917-2006) lived in Coal County and was the son of George Franklin Hogue. I have not established a connection with this Luther to our line of Hogues yet. So, some similar names, but no verified connection.


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