SW Road Trip Update #8…

More Arches National Park Pics


Hey everybody! This is the last road trip update (please hold the applause). We’ll be heading to Burley, ID in the morning for a couple of nights, then on to Farewell Bend SRA west of Ontario, OR for two nights, and, finally, a stop near Plymouth, WA for one night before we get back to Hillsboro on Monday, May 14th.

We went back to Arches on Sunday to hit some highlights we missed the day before. Unfortunately, we hiked around so much we ran out of gas once we got to Canyonlands NP, and really didn’t take the time to do it justice. As I said before, this could also be called the Canyon tour; they all start looking the same after 6 or 8 of ’em! Canyonlands really is huge, over 350,000 acres, but probably needs a day on its own to see everything.

Canyonlands National Park Pics


Today we went to downtown Salt Lake City and spent a couple of hours hanging out with our Mormon buddies in Temple Square, before visiting the Red Butte Gardens at University of Utah and going back downtown for lunch. It’s a beautifully clean city, but I think we just missed the prime timeĀ  of the blooming planting beds. We went to see a recital at the Tabernacle. A guy played the hell out of the huge pipe organ there (pictured below).

Salt Lake City Pics


Okay, so much for now. No more posts on RED RIVER TRAILS this time, but I’ll reconnoiter next week and figure out what direction we’re headed then. Thanks for following along!





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