SW Road Trip Update #7…

Bandelier and Mesa Verde PIcs


Howdy from the road!

Well, I made a mistake in the last post saying I would update from Salt Lake City. I forgot about our stop in Moab, Utah! Here’s update number seven. When we got to Mesa Verde National Park after leaving Santa Fe, New Mexico, we were anticipating some bad weather, and got it! It was 30 degrees and snowing when we arrived. Luckily, we made it to a very muddy campground, picked a spot and set up in a light snow flurry. We didn’t have hookups, so we bundled up in our winter clothes and waited for the weather to break.

The next day was much nicer and we drove out to the Archeological Museum at the Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling, about 15 miles from the campsite. It’s a beautiful park, and, even though it was of a similar theme to the other parks we have visited on this trip (canyons, rock formations, views, and Pueblan ancestral homelands), it was different from the rest with more trees and greenery. Two days earlier we visited Bandelier National Monument and Los Alamos, NM. They’ve all be en great, and Moab, Utah is no exception.

Arches National Park Pics


As you can see by the photos, this place is amazingly weird with its red sandstone rock formations that have been carved by the wind and rain for the last thousands of millennia. It is much more crowded here; many folks like to haul their ATV’s, four-wheelers and mountain bikes here to cruise around in the desert in the cool of Spring. Our RV “Resort” is right on the highway and packed with folks enjoying the mild desert weather. We toured Arches today and are going back tomorrow to hit a couple of things we missed. After that we’ll go about 25 miles west to Canyonlands National Park to check that out. Monday, we leave for Salt Lake for a couple of nights before moving on to Burley, ID for the home stretch.

OK…enough for now…it took me a few hours to post this because of spotty WiFi action. Maybe it’s because I’m streaming the Giants game on my phone at the same time. Check out the latest installment on RED RIVER TRAILS, too. I added the last part of Charley’s bio to it today. I’l try to update from SLC, UT.

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