This Crazy World Of Ours…

No doubt about it…living in this crazy world of ours right now is a challenge! I hope anyone reading my post today is healthy and taking measures to stay that way. Jane and I started our self-quarantine two weeks ago on March 12th. We likely won’t change that anytime soon. And, so far, were avoiding illness. You hear many different stories daily, but just look at the real numbers.

New cases of Covid-19 in the United States:

Thursday, March 19th – 4,530

Friday, March 20th – 5,574

Saturday, March 21st – 4,824

Sunday, March 22nd – 9,339

Monday, March 23rd – 10,168

Tuesday, March 24th – 11,075

Yesterday, March 25th – 13,355

You can verify these numbers by going here, here, or here. This crazy world? Sure. We are separated from our family and friends. Travel is limited. Some of our family and friends are stuck overseas. We wash our hands. A lot. I have seasonal allergies and the tree pollen is pretty fierce here in early spring. As a result, my nose runs and my throat feels scratchy all the time. It’s always in the back of my mind. Will I get it?

Let’s Use Our Heads and Listen To Experts

Two of our kids already got it and are now recovering. At least we think they got it. They were very sick, but not sick enough to get tested for it. Luckily, they are in their 30’s and strong, so should recover fully soon. But, since they were not tested, they won’t be able to go out and help others who get sick. They won’t ever know if they are immune. “A viral infection of unknown origin.”

Please stay healthy and listen to the experts out there. Don’t gather in groups. Disinfect your home. Shelter in place. Stay at home if you can. Use cool things like Zoom and Google Duo to stay in touch with loved ones. We don’t know how long we might have to follow these procedures, but the way the numbers are adding up, it could be months instead of weeks. Let’s get healed up now and minimize the effects of this virus. Then we can get back on the job of fixing the economy, and getting people back to work.

This crazy world of ours will continue to be that way, but it won’t last forever. We’ll get through it! If you recall, a year ago I wrote a post about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. You can read that here. It will remind you that things were crazy for our ancestors, too. Thanks for reading my blog. To return to the Home Page, click here.

2 thoughts on “This Crazy World Of Ours…

  1. Michael DePriest

    I have been doing genealogy on our DePriest family for several years.
    My dad, Mitchell DePriest was the Grandson of James Walter DePriest, brother to John Franklin DePriest.
    I have looked for several years for his descendants and have found names of his children, but never talked to them. I was excited to read your blog. Thanks

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi Michael-
      Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a subscriber. I’ve found a bunch of new cousins just by having the information out there. I’ll contact you via your personal email so you have my contact info in case you have questions I can help with.



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