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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Hogue Connection! I thought I would try a new feature on the blog with this post by taking a look at a specific Hogue family that might not otherwise get much attention. Many genealogy bloggers and YouTubers think it’s a good idea to focus on not only the direct line ancestors, but on the siblings as well. You might think that it’s automatic to do so, but really the farther back you go the less likely you are to look at all of the children in the family and just focus on the parents.

A couple of my subscribers are descendants of this family, our cousins Sharon and Eddie, so I thought it would be interesting to start with their branch, the family of William Andrew Hogue and his wife, Nancy Matilda Lovell. I always try to figure out exactly how I am related to anyone who connects on this blog with me. These two were a challenge because William and Nancy had eleven children! That is a lot of siblings to sort through. They both gave me enough clues to figure it out.

William A. Hogue

William is the older brother of my great grandfather, Charley Hogue and the oldest son of William M. Hogue and Mary Jane Bates. He was born on 28 Dec 1862, likely in Blount County, Tennessee. His older sister Josie was born in Duckpond, TN in 1861, and I believe the Hogues moved to Blount County shortly thereafter, as that was the home of William G. Hogue in 1860. William is listed on the 1870 census of Coytee, TN living with his parents and siblings, age 7. It does say he was born in NC, but they were moving back and forth a lot back then. Later census reports list his birth state as Tennessee. William grew up here and in Cherokee (later Graham County) County, NC until his family moved out to the Indian Territory around 1880.

1870 U.S. Census, Blount County, TN

William and Nancy married in about 1885 in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. There are no records of this marriage. Evidence shows that her family had migrated there from Conway County, Arkansas, with her older sister and mother after her father died in 1880. We find our focus family living in Courtney, I.T. with a bunch of the other Hogue’s in the 1900 census. I’ve talked about the importance of the census many times, including this, in a previous post. There is also a census of the Oklahoma and Indian Territories in 1907. All that remains of it are the folks in the Seminole Nation.  We got lucky here; I was able to find a cluster of cousins on this census.

1907 Indian Territory Census, Seminole Nation

William and Nancy were living close to his sister, Nellie Hogue Dyer and her family. Next to Nellie, were the Shipps, the family of Nancy’s older sister Minerva. Also living with Minerva was Sarah Lovell, Nancy’s mother. I also know that, although they weren’t on this census, William’s youngest brother John Calvin Hogue and his family lived in Sasakwa in 1908, as this is where Mary Jane Bates Hogue (William M’s wife and my great-great grandmother), who had been living with them since 1900 or so, passed away.

The Mysterious 1920 Census

1920 U.S. Census, Purcell, McClain, OK

Why is this census so mysterious? Not because of the weird surname spelling. That happened quite often! Just look at the listing of family members. It has William and Nancy with ALL of their children living in the same place, listed in order by age. This is rare! We know that their oldest son, Charley Monroe Hogue married Cora Allgood in 1906 and can be found on the 1910 census in Miller Township, Seminole County, next to Cora’s parents. Why would he be listed in the 1920 census with his parents if he had a family of his own? Charley and his family were on the 1930 census in Perry, OK. Thomas married Minnie Spangler in 1911 yet is still listed on this census in 1920 without his new wife.

It makes sense that any child under the age of say 20, would still be living at home and helping out with the farm. Etta or Ettie, who was 20 at the time, married Rev. Edmon Spangler in April of 1917 and moved to Allen, OK where she is listed on the 1920 Census. Suley, who also married a Spangler, Adam Lee (always went by Lee) in 1910 and is listed on the 1920 census with him and two kids living with his uncle in Miller, OK. So, it looks like at least two of these children were listed twice in the 1920 census. I suppose it’s possible that William and Nancy knew the enumerator very well, and she just wrote down every kid they had instead of doing an actual count.

The Roll Call of the Children

-Charley Monroe Hogue (1887-1965) married Cora Allgood (1889-1970) on 18 Nov 1906 and had four children: Martha (1908-1978), Fred Garvin (1912-1991), Arthur Thomas (1918-1964) and Oscar Charles (1920-1978). Charley and Cora are both buried in Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain, Oklahoma. Go here for their FindAGrave memorial.

Thomas Jefferson Hogue (1889-1967) married Minnie T. Spangler (1890-1965) on 22 Jan 1911. I don’t find any record of them having children. They, too, are also buried in Hillside Cemetery. FindAGrave here.

-Suley R. Hogue (1897-1926) married Adam Lee “Lee” Spangler (1879-1966) on 30 Oct 1910 and had four children: Effie May (1914-2001), Earl (1917-1937), Eunice (1920-2011), and Matilda Louise (1922-1990). Lee is buried in Exeter, Tulare, California. His FindAGrave memorial is here. I don’t know the exact location of Suley’s grave (maybe Eddie knows), but they were living in Rush Springs, OK when she died.

-Martin Luther “Bob” Hogue (1899-1981) married Rosa Mae Tims on 3 Apr 1927 and had two children: William Edward (1928-1991) and Ada Elizabeth (21 Jul 1930 – 20 Aug 1930). He is buried in Antlers City Cemetery in Antlers, Pushmataha, OK. His FindAGrave memorial is here. Rosa’s is here. Ada Elizabeth’s is here

Roll Call, Continued…

-Ettie E. Hogue (1900-1996) married Rev. Edmon Spangler (1895-1970) on 14 Apr 1917 and had seven children: Oliver “Buck” (1918-2004), Earvin Richard (1920-1993), Shirley Ann (1923-2009), George Edmon (1927-2015), Curtis J. (1930-Still living?), Harvey Lee (1933-1941), who was killed by an accidental gun discharge, and Billie Joe (1939-2017). Edmon and Ettie are buried in the Bradley Cemetery in Bradley, Grady, OK. Their FindAGrave memorial is here

-Anna E. Hogue (1901-1969) is believed to have had two husbands, Marvin Reed and Floyd Guy Welker. I hope a family will step up on this one; not a lot of info out there on Anna. This is her likely memorial at FindAGrave…

-Katherine E. “Katie” Hogue (1905-1933) married Synott Matthews (1903-1969) in 1922 and had two children: William Hardin (1922-1998) and Marie Montez (1924-1997). Not much is known about this family, either. Although she passed away in McClain County, OK, I haven’t found where she is buried.

-Mary Susan Hogue (1906-1937) married James Rufus Tims on 26 Mar 1927 and had two children: James R (1928-2003) and Martha Leana (1930-2015). She died in Washington, OK and is probably buried there. Her husband moved to El Paso, TX and remarried. He was killed in a truck/train accident there in 1958. I do not know the location of Mary’s burial.

Roll Call, Continued…

-Lector Hogue (1907-1995) married Herman Paul Ard on 15 Feb 1925 and had three children: Virgie Katherine (1926-2009), Maxine Paula (1929-2001), and George William (1938-1994). She died in Weatherford, TX and is buried alongside her husband in the Gibtown Cemetery in Jack County, TX. FindAGrave memorial is here. Next is her fraternal twin…

-Lester Hogue (1907-1985) married Rosie Minnie Spangler (1910-1990) in 1929 and had four children: William Lester “Bill” (1929-1997), Jewell Imogene (1930-2004), Opal Leuvina (1932-1999), and Shirley Mary (1944-2012). They moved their family out to California around 1946. Lester is buried in Woodville, Tulare, CA and Rosie in Exeter, Tulare, CA. I don’t have a link to their memorials.

Minerva Lee “Nerva” Hogue (1911-1988). Boy, there are some confusing records on Nerva. Looks like she married four times to men with the name of Atchley, Ewing, Chapman, and Smalley. There is only one divorce record I can find, and that was from Atchley, finalized in 1946, after she married Ewing. Anyway, I think she died in Wheatland, OK and is buried alongside her fourth husband, Luis E. Smalley. I believe she had a daughter with Joe Ewing, Betty Joan (1933-2012). Here is Nerva’s FindAGrave memorial.

 Family Focus #1 comes to an end…

and hopefully you enjoyed the idea of diving deeper into some of these affiliated families. To my cousins out there, please let me know if you have any other details to add or corrections to make. It turned out to be a little longer than I anticipated; I had more stuff on these folks than I originally thought. Once again, thanks to Sharon and Eddie for making The Hogue Connection and motivating me to look for more cousins. Thanks for visiting my blog! You can return to the Home page here.

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  1. James Porter

    Interested in info regarding Henry Archibald Hogue. Direct relative of mine.
    Grandfather, Chickasaw, Grandmother Filipino.

  2. Bette Leatherwood

    My accestor was Matthew Hogue, 1758 Greene Co., GA and left a will 1840 in Eutaw, Greene Co., AL. Several people are saying that George Matthew Hogue 1756= 1840 Eutaw, Greene Co. AL and my Matthew are one and the same.. There are 4 marriages of Matthew, but how many Matthews were there? I belong to the NC1732 line. If all those claiming descent from Matthew that left a will in Eutaw, Greene Co., AL would do their DNA, whould this solve the problem? Hopefully it woiuld at least help.

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi Bette- I agree that more DNA would help strengthen these relationships. Many folks just aren’t interested in putting their DNA out there, unfortunately. The dates and places you mention indicate that these two are likely the same person. The NC1732 line refers to the Hogg DNA project at I am in the NC1787 line. This project seems to be pretty solid DNA-wise. Thanks for your comment!


  3. Becky Hogue

    William Lester Hogue was born in 1940 and passed away in 1997 in Troy Montana in a car accident. Brian Elliott Hogue (born 3-27-1981) is his son. Devery Hogue is another son of his. I only met him one time.

    1. Michael L. Hogue Post author

      Hi Becky- Thanks for subscribing to my blog and your comment. Thanks for visiting The Hogue Connection!


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