SW Road Trip Update #6…

Brantley Lake and Santa Fe, NM Pics


Hello all! We made it just fine to Santa Fe, NM on Sunday. It was a trip of about 270 miles that was uphill, but didn’t seem like it. We had a strong tail wind some of the time, and that helped, but we climbed from 3200 feet in elevation at Brantley Lake to 7200 feet here. That should make our travels through the bottom of the Rockies and the Wasatch range a bit easier when we leave for Mesa Verde National Park in the morning.

Yesterday, we took a walking tour of downtown Santa Fe and saw some of the historical spots near the plaza. Santa Fe was settled in 1610, making it the third oldest town in the United States, after St. Augustine, FL (1565) and Jamestown, VA (1607). It was pretty cool, but I was surprised to learn the the “Santa Fe Style” of adobe architecture really didn’t start until after World War I. Now even the new buildings must use that style to be built here. We went to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum after a Frito Pie lunch and a little shopping, although we found the prices to be much higher than we expected.

Today, we are driving out to the Bandelier National Monument for a little desert hiking. Tomorrow’s weather will be a bit of a change, highs in the middle 50’s and lows in the 20’s when we get to Colorado. Next update will be from Salt Lake City on Saturday.

I added the story about Charley’s divorce from his first wife to RED RIVER TRAILS. It’s pretty entertaining! Thanks for following along!

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